New Companion

It has been a good week. Changes were moved from Tuesday to Wednesday because there were rallies in the streets in all of Guatemala. The Hospitals don't have comedienne... So everyone is a little angry...My new companion is from Guatemala City. His name is Elder Fuentes. He is a a great missionary. He is 20 years old. He actually had already served about 2 months in a Mexico mission a year ago but got way sick so he got sent home for that. So now he is serving here in this mission. So he technically has 2 months in the mission but we are still starting from scratch because it was so long ago. We get along great. He is a humble kid and looking forward to serving the Lord.

I got my package! Thanks!! Wednesday we get to go to the Temple. We got a call last night from President. It turns out one of my comp's good buddies was hit by a car on Saturday and passed away. So that was really sad. So on Wednesday we get to go to the temple. It will be awesome for him and it will be fun for me!! 

The zone had interviews with president Smith on Saturday. They were great. Always a great time talking with him. The part that is nice is that we start talking and we can talk about whatever we want. He doesn't ask us any questions besides, "How are you doing". Then we talk for the rest of the time about our problems and struggles. It was cool because when we had the conference with Elder Ochoa, he told us that we have been called to this mission because we have something to learn from President Smith. That while we are here, we need to try to become like him. He even talked about how we should try to live our lives like he has lived his and be what he was. He spoke alot about how President was a successful investment banker... So who knows, maybe i gotta check that out...
This week we have been contacting a lot more. Talking with a lot more people in the streets and also touching a lot more doors. We have been guided by the spirit many times. Everyday we are walking and we just feel like we need to turn around and touch a door that we had just touched. Although many times they don't want anything, maybe in the future they will be ready. This week we have been working way hard. It is fun training. But it is tiring. You have to explain every little thing and you can't really just sit back for a bit and let your comp take over with whatever you were doing. 

This week i have felt a lot of stress for a lot of reasons. Including the district and some of the areas in it. Training. My own area. And stuff like that. But president told me that there is no reason to stress nor worry. The prophet told mission presidents not to measure their success as presidents for 20 years. Until the sons of the missionaries go on missions... That was a cool thought. 

The baptism will be this week. Carlos drank last week... He will get baptized on Friday. It has been so weird that he has fallen these last two weeks. Because he had never had problems with neither coffee or alcohol the whole time i have been visiting him. 

It doesn't feel much like Christmas here... I can't believe it is just next week!! Crazy. According to my return date i just got 17 months in the misison! So that was exciting.

That is exciting that dad is on the High Council! Good for him. 

Not much to write today!! Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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