New Area- Toto

I am in the Toto zone. My area is also called Toto. The name of the city is Totonicapan. My whole mission i have always had 2 zones where i never wanted to go... Toto, and La Esperanza. But now that i am here in Toto, it is literally the best. It is a ton like Momos. I am in the city but the zone has quite a few villages too. The city is really pretty. It is really clean and well designed... It doesn't look like something that belongs in Guatemala... But let me say... I am in the coldest area in the whole mission... It is literally freezing. The hottest it gets during the day is about 50 degrees. Then once the sun goes down, the wind picks up, and the temperature drops to about 35 degrees.... It is freezing... And a few months ago i gave my jacket to a new missionary who didn't have anything so i only have sweaters.... Lets just say ive been a bit cold!! The weather reminds me of Seattle in the winter... The only difference is that i don't have a hot tub, a house with a heater, nor a car with seat warmers... I admit that i took those things for granted before the mission!! But i am looking to buy a jacket... I will likely need to take money out to buy the jacket and a beanie..

My companion's name is Elder Zelaya from Nicaragua. I have actually known him for a while. Ever since Momos. He is a cool guy. He goes home a change before me. This change we could have like 6 baptisms! That would be way cool. 

The house is nice. But is way far away from everything so this next week we are moving. The new house is way sick. I believe i uploaded photos of the new house where we are going to move in to. It has a beautiftul view of Toto. 

One thing i am really excited about are the members here. The members are really special and want to work with us. So i am really happy about that. I haven't taken too many photos of the area but i will be taking a lot more this week. I hope i finish my mission here in this area... It is really cool. 

Love you guys!! Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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