Everything is Awesome... or should I say sick

(due to andrew not uploading photos this is what you get)
Well we had a busy week. This week we moved. We changed houses so we are finally in the new place and out of the old. The new house is way sick. i'll send photos next week because this week they are gonna be painting. It is like a condo. It will be a great house for us. It also costs half of what we were paying so the mission is way happy too. Apparently President Smith last year cut down on house rent costs by 18% in the whole mission.

Well i love Toto. The area is way sick. The members are awesome. Last Tuesday night there was a noche de hermanamiento. Way sick. They set up a TV and had a nice spiritual thought. Then we celebrated the birthday of a member. Just way sick. I love the members her. They are so nice and are really tight nit. Also the city itself is just sick. It has everything you would need. If i were ever to come move to Guatemala i would come live here in Toto. Last week we found these donuts that are literally amazing. They are at the level of Krispy Kremes... Scary good. Also there are bakerys at every corner... So i have been eating a ton of bread. Love it!

Well this week we had to do a companionship intervention with some elders in a different area... They weren't getting along well so they called us for help. We just had them talk out their problems... It turned out great. Today we went to Walmart as a zone and they appeared to be getting along really well. 

This week will be very busy. Not too much time in the area. Tomorrow we go to Xela again for Consejo all day. We will get back at like 5ish. Then on Wednesday we have a meeting with the Stake President and President Smith. Then on Thursday the Temple and then the zone meeting afterwards... Likely to get back around 5om again. 

Last night we had an activity in the ward. We organized it. We did 'The Tree of Life". We set up the whole scene and acted out the tree of life and everybody went to pick off an apple off the tree. afterwards we had a meeting with converts sharing their conversion stories and stuff like that. way spiritual. i was at the tree when everyone was picking it. I was able to reflect and put myself in Lehi's shoes.
Tree of Life

Love you guys. Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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