Things are looking up

Well it was a good week!! We started the week with divisions with Nordblad. It was a lot of fun. We worked way hard and we found some great investigators and families. We finished the divisions off Wednesday morning hitting up the gym... way sick. I was way sore afterwards though... haha but it felt way nice to get back to the gym. I hope to be able to go more often. We are thinking of going in the mornings 3 days a week.

This week i did a baptismal interview for elder Call. It was a great interview. The spirit was way strong and the man was really humble. It was a great baptism because this branch hadn't had a baptism of a man for 3 years.... So this was much needed. The rest of his family should be getting baptized pretty soon. 

Today we got a call from President Smith asking us to go to the hospital to search for a member who recently had a surgery. Apparently she lives in one of the villages in Momos and is part of one of the branches of the mission. She had surgery but had no family to help her get back home to momos. They didn't have any money to buy medicine either. So President sent us to figure everything out for them... It was cool. the hospitals here are really bad though. haha i felt like i was in an insane A
sylum... It is literally a building with nothing on the walls, no color, no technology...  nothing. glad i won't ever have to go there to be treated.

Miss you guys!! Sorry the letter is short!! There isn't a whole lot to say. Love you

Elder Corbett


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