Week of Learning

It was a good week. Hard week in our area but i learned a lot this week.
Starting the week off on Tuesday we had "Council" with president. All the zone leaders and the sister leaders get together in council to talk about the mission as well as hear the messages of President Smith and the assistants. President spoke about repentence and baptism. What is happening here in central america is that the converts aren't truely converting. They get baptized then go less active almost immediately. Last year in Central America 21000 people got baptized. and the overall assistance in sacrament meeting went down 4000... So a ton of people are going inactive. That shows that people don't truely understand repentence and don't apply it. In every meeting we have been having they have been talking about repentence. A few weeks ago when there was the missionary conference with all missionaries in the world they spoke about it too. We have been focusing much more on repentence with the investigators and also less active and active memebers so that they can apply the principles. 

On Wednesday we had what is called "CCM". I have no idea what it stands for. But it is with President Smith and the stake president. We spoke about the dats and also about the success and problems that the missionaries are having. We also made some recommendations as to which areas to open and close. We will see what happens. But we have this meeting at the beginning of every month. 

On Thursday we went to the temple. It is always nice to go to the temple and relax and just have a nice spiritual experience. Before entering we paid a sister to make the whole zone breakfast. It was way good. She made hash browns, sausage, pancakes, and hamburgers. Delicious start to the day. Afterwards we entered the temple and pounded out a session. Then we went to the zone meeting. The meeting went well. It was weird thinking but that will likely be the last time i go to the temple here in Xela besides my last day in the field. Time is flying by. Right now in the zone, there are a ton of missionaries who have a ton of time. I think there are like 6 who have 18 months or more. 

Well this week we didn't have much success in our area. For a few days we thought all our investigators fell... They didn't want anything. They were ignoring us and all that jazz. But we were able to get with them. We still don't know what is happening... Satan has had it out for us this week... Also for the whole zone. The whole zone struggled this week. All the street contacts and doors we knocked wanted to fight with us... It was the weirdest thing ever... They were all so skeptical about prayer and about receiving an answer from God.... It really confounded me because in all my mission i had never heard someone doubt prayer until now. And literally everyone was saying it... They were saying that all we need is the Bible.... Weirdos. 

Well it is super cold... I need a good jacket. It is like 40 degrees here everyday starting at like 4:30pm..

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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