The Hawaii of the Mission

Dear mom,
A little hectic day. But a fun day. We went as a 
zone to a water birth from the mountain for a big river. Pretty cool but
 it was just a river... haha but the fun part was seeing a ton of 
elders. I saw Elder Wright and Elder Curtis and all the guys. it was a 
lot of fun. 
This last week we all had interviews with 
president. It was good as always. We spoke about spirituality and what 
we are doing to be more spiritual. We also spoke about the gift of 
discernment. How we need to be able to discern when we have the spirit 
and when we don't. we should discern what we are doing when it goes and 
what we are doing when it comes. He said there are moments in lessons 
that we should identify for when the spirit comes and goes. It was 
interesting. It is for sure going to be something i'm gonna keep in mind
 during the day and lessons to evaluate what i should do more so that 
the spirit is always present and avoid having the absence of the spirit 
in the lessons. 
General Conference was good. The Hawaii of the 
mission. Way sick. Now we are back to the real world. There were a lot 
of talks that i really liked. One thing i focused on this conference was
 to be more attentive and paying attention. Sometimes i zone off and 
start to think about random stuff in the past or back home just talking a
 power nap. I really liked Bednar's talk but also Devin G. Durrant. He 
spoke about saving money each week. And then about memorizing a 
scripture and pondering a scripture a week. By doing small things over a
 long period of time we can really have big gains. So i really liked 
This district meeting we put 12 baptisms as our baptismal
 goal for this month. I think we will be able to get it. This month 
everybody should baptize and that will be really cool. The district is 
doing really well. Everyone working hard. These next few weeks i'm gonna
 have to apply persevere until the end. Because i've almost been here 6 
months so i'm getting a little tired of walking the same streets and 
doing the same thing week after week here. I'm ready for a change. I 
just pray i don't stay another change even though its sick here. 
It was cool because Areceli (my convert from August) came to the 
conference and paid her tithing. She doesn't know how to read or write 
so i filled it all out. She said, "i make 325 each month. so 10% would 
be 32.50 right? oh!! and then there is fast offering. I forgot to pay 
last month and so i'll pay for the 2 months right now. Put 10 more!!". 
It was way cool to see the conversion of her over time. I couldn't help 
but smile because i know she needs a ton of finincial help because she 
has 5 small kids and she doesn't have a husband. she will receive a ton 
of blessings for having paid her tithing and her fast offering. 
Love you gusy!!
Hakuna Matata (It means no worries)
Elder Corbett



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