Birthday Week

It was a great birthday. It was a birthday that lasted for 3 days because i was traveling all week. I got cakes... gifts... free steak meals... woken up at 5am because Elder Nordblad and his comp broke into our house and lit off 100 fire crackers in our garage... smiles... the works. It was way sick. I also got the package on Saturday. So i was happy for that. And especially happy for the Oreos... Thanks for the package and for the shirts!!

So the plan was to spend Friday and Saturday up in Las Huistas doing a baptismal interview and stay for the baptism. But on Thursday night, i got a call from Elder Chudliegh who is the branch president and said a miracle has happened. He told me that these two eternal investigators wanted to get baptized tomorrow (Friday). The elders had challenged them to be baptized for the following week and they accepted. But then later called the elders and said they wanted to be baptized tomorrow. So that was was sick. So i turned out doing 3 interviews and we had 3 baptisms... way sick. the cool part was i got to go to all the baptisms. It was a great birthday because we had a ton of success as a district.

I did another interview this morning. We are having a ton of success right now. It looks like this week we will have maybe 5 baptisms... The interviews are awesome. In one interview over the weekend, we had a really spiritual experience. The women started to cry while she shared her testimony and why she decided to get baptized. It was really sweet and cool to see her conversion throughout time. 

This week we have a mission conference with Elder Snow. It will be cool. But other than that this is week 6 so we are about to have changes. I expect that i will be leaving Colo.

Miss you guys and Love you!

Elder Corbett


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