It's not a coincidence...answers to prayer

It was a fun week for sure. With the Dentists and the Temple.

The fact that the dentists came was basically an answer to a long lasting prayer. I have always wondered what i should be when i'm older, and i've always wanted to be an oral surgeon, but when i started the mission, i started thinking maybe following Dad and Donald and being a CPA. But when they came, it was like i was at home. It is just crazy that out of all the places in Guatemala they could have gone, they decided to go to my branch. and out of all the places i could be serving it was this branch. its just crazy! so know, i am going to follow my life dreams and become an oral surgeon.

 The dentists were way sick. It was fun being around greengos. They all had their iphones and were all facetiming their families. They brought down over 1000 lbs of blankets, dolls, games, etc. so they handed out stuff to every person who walked through the door. there was quite a bit left over so we stored it in our house for a bit and then sent it off to other missionaries so their areas can feel the love too.

The temple was awesome. I wish the mission allowed us to go much more often. 6 months is just so long to have to wait to go again. The temple here is way nice inside and is probably the only building in all of xela that has carpet. after the temple, a few of us went to the cafeteria and had some cheese cake and also strawberry stuffed donuts. Way good.

I got your package this week!! Thanks!! all I can say is that i'm going to get fat!!! 

Not a whole lot has happened this week in the area.   
The area has proven to be very tough. There are a lot of families that we know will get baptized here someday, but the day isn't soon. They just aren't ready yet and  still need to be prepared, but this is why we are here.  Everyone who isn't a member in the area is content with their lives as they are and don't want to listen to us. 
This week we have planned to do more service for emilio and his family, we are going to go with the Elders quorum. We will also be doing service for a Pastor nearby who is very sick. Maybe we will earn some brownie points with his congregation. 
When you get a minute, can you send me a copy of the poem you have memorized? One thing i watch almost every night before bed is a video that you could probably find on youtube called "The atonement and mission work".  It is clips of a talk given by Eyring as well as Uctdorf.  It inspires me every time i watch it. you should look it up. 
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I heard about the bike ride. woow. it appears that you are now legit bikers. yall should do STP sometime.  Now that you are bikers i'm going to make sure to honk my horn extra longer when the bikers are riding in the road. just so everyone feels the love. 

Thanks mom and dad for the support and love!! Miss you!!
 Love you guys!! 

Elder Corbett


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