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On a scale of 1-10 this week was probably.... 2 thumbs up. But holy cow, it was hot. There are really just two seasons here... hot and then rainy, the rainy season should start in the coming month or two. i'm looking forward to the rain. unlike you mom, i miss and love the rain. 

Saturday night at about 9pm we got a call from the Branch President asking if we would each give a 10 minute talk in church. We said no. There is just no way i am going to give a talk to help these people here. it just makes me so mad he even asked... 

no but what really happened was that we said yes and we were happy to do it. Out of everything that i wanted to say in my talk and the scriptures i wanted to use i ended up speaking on our baptismal covenants... haha i don't know how it got to that but it was a good talk. i spoke for 12 minutes and spoke on baptism and the holy ghost. Elder Haller spoke on Faith. All was well and the sacrament meeting was a good time for all. at the end of my talk, i felt like a lot of people were getting a little dosed off so i started pounding the pulpit like Dwight does in the Office episode "Shareholder's meeting" season 4 i think. Alll i can say is i was prompted by the spirit to do it. but after i did it, the spirit was gone like a southern wind... no just messing around. 

On saturday the ward had a 8 year old baptism. my comp ended up baptizing the kid because the family wanted an elder to do it and he goes home in 6 weeks. there was a great turnout. before he got dunked there was a pinyata for the kids. There were some youth that came to the baptism that aren't members and it seems like they really enjoyed the talks and the service so that was really cool. 

One thing i forgot to write about last week was that when the dentists were here, there was a widow from the branch who came in and one thing led to another and she was showing them her foot. it turns out she was cutting wood like 2 weeks earlier for the house that we built and the axe went through her shoe and went deep into her skin. she didn't go to the doctor or anything. but the dentists cleaned it up and gave her some medicene. she said she wanted a blessing from the elders. so we gave her a blessing. but what was cool, is that it was haller and i plus 4 of the dentists. i was the one who gave the blessing and the spirit was so strong. after the blessing, everyone was in tears and it was just a really nice scene. it was probably the best moment on the mission to this point. 

This last week just for giggles i've been reading Miracle of Forgiveness. I actually finished it yesterday. it is a great book with some great points. I've found that on the mission i love reading and learning. I just want to read and read and read and gain knowledge. Yesterday i started reading Articles of Faith by Talmage. Super excited. 

Thats my letter for today. love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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