Alot of Work

Today we went to walmart. i bought less than normal because yesterday at church we passed out a lunch calendar to see if people would give us lunch and we have lunch like 1/2 the days this next month!! We are pumped. its likely more people will sign up too. The members were saying we are lucky because before the members never gave food to the missionaries, but in line at Walmart, behind us was a dentist from Utah. He served his mission in Arizona, he gave us a crisp $20 and bought my comps food... but not mine haha.. whatever.

This week we have been doing a lot of service again. we basically have finished building the guys house. its all up and he could sleep in it. its was hard work. you will see in the pics, but we had to carry heavy boards of wood up the mountain. so i put them on my back Guatemala style. the people here carry everything on their back so i decided to join in on the fun.

It turns out the Jorge and Manuel moved to the coast... they didn't tell us they moved, their sister told us. Who knows what happened, but they gone.  We have another family we are teaching. The dad in the family always tells us his baptism is in 3 weeks... so i'd say he's pretty positive. 2 of his kids are already members. He has 3 other kids who could get baptized. All the dads siblings are members and active, so it would be cool to go swimming with him in the baptismal font.

This week a member brought dominoes pizza all the way from Xela for us!! it was amazing. it was sooo good. One thing I regret from before the mission is not buying pizza that much. It should have been like a weekly thing because its delicious.

it has been a good week and next week on the 11th we go to the temple!! Elder Haller got his return flight plans today from the church... so thats exciting!!

Love you guys!!
Elder Corbett


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