Building a House and Building Testimony


This has been a pretty good week. Besides the fact that it appears that i may have bronchitis... ain't nobody got time for that!! But we came to Xela today to get my prescriptions from the nurses so that should help... 2 different inhalers and some pills!! The funny part about today is that there are rallies all over major highways here in guatemala because the mayan people are mad at the government becuase they didn't subsidize their farms this year... so what the mayan people are doing and will be doing all week is rallying in the streets. and when buses drive by, they throw rocks at them and shadder the windows of the buses. so it looks like we may be staying with the mission secretaries for a few days here in xela!! Which means MCDONALDS!!

This week we have been helping a nice return missionary build his house. i have some pictures of it on dropbox. We have been carrying huge stones up the mountain on our backs... soo hard. we've been leveling out the land becuase its on the side of a mountain so that explains the big pile of gravel in my pics! We will be building the actual house this week. its gonna be a wood house... kind of like Little house on the prairie. 

This week we bought sombreros to protect us from the sun! they were the best buy. I wear mine out everywhere i go. 

This week we had a Noche de Hermanamiento in Cerro Alto. that means 'tall hill' in english... you can imagine. there are only 2 members who love there and they are like 70 years old. we wanted to have it just so they know we are thinking about them and love them. the walk is brutal to get there from the chapel, but they both do it almost every Sunday. They told us they pray every night that they will have the strength the upcoming Sunday to walk to church. But these two members speak absolutely zero spanish... just kiche. and we were assigned the lesson. sooo we had it translated. So how it worked was there were probably 8 of us priesthood holders who made the trip to support them and so we were sharing Enos 1. So one guys would read a verse in Spanish and then translate it and explain it into Kiche. and so on. everyone took their turns... i think by the end of the 30 minute lesson, i said 5 words... haha the members taught our lesson. The spirit was strong, but what was awesome is that the 2 of them started crying and sharing with us how thankful they are that we came. They said that never before had members or missionaries came to their house and done the walk. We were going to finish our lesson, but after one of the guys that was translating gave us the nod to not say anything more.

It was a great night and the spirit was really strong. 

Oh and today i hit 7 months!! Time goes so quick!!

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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