Rain Rain Go Away

Thats so cool about Rob and Ashley! The missionarys on both sides of me live in that misison! They said it is the tinyest thing! What is funny about Robs call is that by the time he starts his mission, i will have 11 months haha. So when he his a year... i'll be going home. 

All is well here!! This last week there was a ton of rain... so literally everyone got sick. and when i say everyone... EVERYONE in the village. We all had a cough, runny nose, and just felt sick. I did enjoy the rain though. There is must less dust in the air from the roads and the cool breeze is nice. It made me miss the Northwest a bit when the rain was poring on my window here. those days at home were the best, when i would fall asleep to heavy rain and wind and i was cuddled in my bed. 

We don't have changes! so by the end of this next change, i will have 6 months with elder haller. and 2 changes here in Nimsituj. I didn't want to leave Nimsi so i am glad for that!! 

This week we had 3 noches de hermanamiento. They all turned out great with great attendance besides one of them. you'll see in the photos but the family who was going to host it wasn't home so we had to set up the generator we brought on a hillside and we sang hymns and had a prayer and each bore our testimonies... haha it was just my comp and i, and the branch missionary president and his assistant. it was funny after awhile i started feeling like we were getting carbon monoxide poisoning from breathing in the fumes of the generator so we ended it and made the trek back home.


This week the family from the branch went to the temple. the whole branch went with them as well as a ton of non members went with them. So that was great. in total, 12 non members (2 familys) went with them. we hope that the temple left an impression on them. 
But this day, since there was nobody in the village, we walked to a neighboring village to contact and stuff however,  when we were on top of a dry waterfall... my comp dropped the phone and it fell down like 100 feet and into a river... so we haven't had a phone since friday. we get a new one tomorrow. haha so that has kinda sucked.


On Saturday, we went with our investigators Manuel and Jorge and their families. We were visiting and all and Manuel said he wants toget baptized as well as his 2 kids and wife. So we were pumped. We told them we were gonna come and pick them up to go to church. We arrived at their house at 7 20 in the morning after walking 50 minutes to find that they weren't home... they went into the city to do some errands. so that was disapointing to say the least. especially since we walked all that way for them not to be there. So then we had to book it back to make it to church on time because the way back is all up hill. it climbs about 2500 ft. 

Yesterday in church they asked me to play the piano. It went well!! Alll i had to do was turn on the piano and select which hymn to play and i just had to press the buttons!! haha they have a kawai piano that has preprogramed all the hymns. nobody knows how to use it. so my skills really helped them out!! 

Love you guys!! Miss you a ton!!!
elder Corbett


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