Walk and walk and walk

Those darn Hawks!!

it has been a good week!! It has been super hot this week!! Thats so funny about you guys going up to the Spanish prayer circle!! haha

serving in a branch is fun! today for pday we went to walmart in xela! got some good stuff. some amercan food but the only american food i want is oreos and there aint alot of that here. 

spanish is going well. learning more and more each day. in the lessons, we teach 50/50. i usually take the lead and speak more. he is more laid back and i am not that way so i always take the lead in all conversations.

we are hoping to go to the temple with some converts that we reactivated this next week for their sealing... but it will be tough to get permission. have that in your prayers that president will be chill

This week we started doing something called Noche de hermanamiento. We go to a members house and other members go, less actives go... and people are supposed to bring nonmembers. We do like 4 a week. We teach a lesson and then play games and then have a snack. its a great opportunity to help the less actives and strengthen their relationshp with eachother. they are great nights. we usually will share a mormon message with them and then a few scriptures with them and have a discussion. 

I have been doing a P90X abb workout each day this week and have already noticed results. Im getting ripped and sculpted abbs in just a 17 minute session haha. no but actually i have noticed that my pants are looser now that ive been doing workouts!

As you'll see in the photo of my feet, my soles in my shoes have been sweating a ton. some would say I've been hitting up the spray tan booth a little too much. 

The mound of dirt was a pile that we were going to have to walk shovel by shovel about 300 yards down a hill. but luckily, a tractor was driving by and moved it for us. Im gonna try to take some pics at the family nights this week

Love you!!!
elder Corbett


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