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This was a good week. The activity went quite well. We had a little more than 100 people show up!! It went quite well. We popped a ton of popcorn and had a lot of soda and we had some great feedback. Quite a few less members came to the activity as well as a few that are not yet members of the church. Like half way through the movie (The Testaments), a lightbulb just randomely fell from the ceiling right in front of us and it was just so weird haha. I remember that after the activity i left and we went back to the house for a little while and i was just pumped up. it was a great activity and people loved it. we are gonna have more of them. It confirmed the fact that i need to have a ton of money when im older. not only to have some sick rides but also to help the poor and serve others. When you buy something for others, even something really simply, and they get pumped, it is the best feeling. 

This last week the whole zone had interviews with president smith and his wife. they turned out way good. They asked us to share what we had been learning in our personal study and i shared a scripture from 2 Nephi. It was about how we will be judged at the last days from the book of our lives. and that we would be judged from what we did in this life, but also for what we did not do. Then we talked about how we would be judged for all the times that we were prompted to do something, and didn't do it. It was a good discussion with president. haha something funny about the interview is that it is always in english, and president always asks you to give the closing prayer, so i did it in english. but i haven't prayed out loud in english since I've been in the mission. So i kept using spanish words and my grammer and vocab was just way bad. I was thinking in spanish and then i had to translate into english. and it just sounded silly. it was quite funny. 

We are still just teaching Manuel and Jorge and their families. I think we are going on divisions tomorrow with the district leader. Changes are already around the corner. This next Tuesday are changes so we will see what happens. I think either Elder Haller or I will have changes. We shall see. 

The members are great in the branch. The 1st counselor in the branch presidency has been the 1st counselor for 32 years straight... crazy. he speaks almost no spanish. just kíche. To be honest, i have no idea what the members do for a living... they have like a 1 acre farm of tomatoes normally and then they cut up wood and sell it... i'm convinced that some members have a secret garden of Marijuana... because it is commonly grown out here and they always make jokes about it and its just getting a little weird hahah...

Love you guys!! Missyou !!

Elder Corbett


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