The rainy season begins

It was a fun week this week. I actually have changes tomorrow so i've already packed and we left the area so i won't be going back there until you and dad come on down. 

This last week we had a multizone conference. Technicaly multizone but there was just our zone.... But it was good. President and the assistants focused it on Joseph Smith and the Restoration. So we mainly spoke on that. Then we had some really good lasagna and cake. Most people only really look forward to multi zones and interviews because president hooks us up with the food. We ended the conference watching about 40 minutes of Meet the Mormons. It was sick. Everybody left feeling really trunky though. Haha it was funny because the missionary went shopping for his missionary clothes exactly where i went so that brought back some memories. I'm excited to have a copy of the movie of my own so i can show everybody for activities and family nights. 

This week was the start of the heavy rain... it was crazy. It rained for about 2 hours on Thursday just torential downpour. I have't decided if i like the rain or the sun better... But one thing is for certain, the best buy we did buying my clothes was my northface jacket... if i didn't have that i would have been screwed. But during everyrain storm, the power goes out for awhile. so we were without lights or anything for a while this week. 

With the coming of the rain, all the bugs have flocked indoors.... in our doors to be more specific. there has been huge bugs, spiders, scorpions, and more... i took some photos. 

Last night we went out hunting for honey in the woods. And with our luck it started downpouring right when we got on the trail. It was a lot of fun but i got stung a few times which wasn't nearly as fun. 

That is the letter. there will be more next week with the new comp and area and all that jazz. i'm looking forward to general conference a ton. It is basically our vacation here as missionarys. so it will basically be as if i were in hawaii!! 
love you guys!!! 

Elder Corbett


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