House that Jack Built... opps - the Elders Built

Dear Mom,
Here's some of the things you wanted to know about....
About the Area...

Branch Name- Nimsituj
Location of Chapel- Chuinatajuyup
Size of Branch- 130 Active Members
Missionarys in the field- 5
# of families in Aldea whose father is a pastor- 8...
Favorite Members- Benjamin Chiti and Adolfo Torres
Best Food- Caldo de Res
Worst Food- Tamalito

The last two weeks we have probably been doing service every single day. We helped a member named Bernebe build his house, we helped an investigator and his family haul a ton of water and wood straight up a mountain, we helped other members build their house, etc. You'll see in a photo us with wood on our backs and a band around our forehead. this is how people here carry EVERYTHING. All day you will see people with a load of wood on their backs and the support for carrying it is their head. Needless to say, my neck was so sore the next day.

Since we finished the house of Bernebe, on Friday night he had a party for his family and us. First he dedicated his house then we feasted. It wasn't much of a feast but since there was meat for once, it was worthy to be called a feast. It was a fun night and Bernebe was grateful for our help building his house. When yall come in 16 months, you will see the work of my hands...

This has been a tough week for food... we have had lunch AND dinner every night this week. I have fattened up a bit. It also appears that we have lunch every day this week too. so it will be nice to save a buck or two. Tomorrow the zone is doing a fast for all our investigators that they can progress and get a baptismal date. We will end the fast at McDonald's in Xela after we go to the Temple on Wednesday morning. This temple trip is just a routine every 6 month trip. In preparation for the temple, president asked us all to prepare ourselves spiritually and study D&C 109. I still have the temple names. i will send them back so y'all can do the sealings after i'm done with them.

Investigator pool has been tough this last week for sure. we were reflecting on all our investigators and the only thing that will keep them from getting baptized is that for all of them, their father in law is a pastor, so that has already and will cause a lot of difficulties for the people. Thats cool about your stake conference!

Last week the branch sent in the papers to become a ward, so we will see how long before it is a branch. Since we have been here, there have been people come to church who haven't come in a long time. It has been nice to see our work helping other people.

This week will be a little hectic and we will be out of our area most of the week. Wednesday we go to the temple. So we have to sleep in the zone leaders house on Tuesday night because if we didn't, from our area we wouldn't be able to make the session, then on Thursday, there is a zone meeting, so 3 days we will be out of the area.

We are gonna head back in a bit because there are dentists from the states at the chapel today,maybe I'll get a cleaning!

It may not be as long as you hoped for but this will be a trial of your patience.

Love you all!

Life is Good

Elder Corbett


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