Eating Well...

I have gained just 8 pounds this week. Well maybe not that much but I have gained weight for sure. My pants and shirts are tighter and i don't have the sculpted abs any longer.

This week we had a zone meeting like we have every Tuesday and we talked about the book of mormon. We talked about how we need to use it more in our teachings and testify more of it. The zone leaders challenged us to stop walking in our backpack the Bible. During a lesson if we need a bible, we can use the investigators. So as of last week, my backpack has lost some weight and i only walk with my book of mormon. They also told us that if we share stories and preach mostly out of the bible, we are no different than any other church. it is the book of mormon that makes us different. so we only walk with the book of mormon. Just like 2 Nephi 26:25 says i think.... 

There is this family in the ward that i like a ton. Their name is the Chuc family. They are a family of 4. The dad is a dentist and is sick. They have a lot of money and almost every single day, take us out to eat. Whether to mcdonalds, pizza hut, ice cream, or some other guatemalan grill. They are probably most the reason for weight gain but they are sick. 

On Saturday, the sister missionaries in the area were supposed to have a baptism but the investigator is 17 years old and her dad is a leader of the Jehova Witnesses and won't sign the papers. And this last year, the church in Central America has set up new rules and legal forms for baptism of minors because they have been sued quite a bit apparently. So the baptism did'n't work out. It has been postponed until October when she turns 18... hopefully she is still interested in October. 

We have an investigator named Marvin... His wife and kids just got baptized the weekend before i came here. But he wants to get baptized. so we will be putting him on date. Hopefully for the end of this month. He is a great guy and i'm excited for when he gets baptized because in a year from then, i'll be able to go to the temple with them when they get sealed. 

One thing thats cool about this area is that there is a hospital in the area. The best private hospital in the misison. its where they send the missionaries when they are sick. so on sunday, we got a text while we were at church that somebody needed the sacramanet at the hospital. so we got to go in and take the sacrament and give a blessing to some missionaries. 

miss you guys!! love you 

Elder Corbett


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