Well believe it or not, this week we actually had the baptism of Marvin!! Last Monday we got a call from him asking us if we could go over to his house later to speak with him. We went and knew that he was going to talk about his baptism and his answer and all but we didn't expect what happened. He was talking about getting baptized and said that he is ready. So we talked a little about May 9th as the date because that was when we had talked before. But we could tell he wasn't too excited to wait until then so we asked if he wanted to get baptized this Saturday and he smiled and said he was ready. So we went forward and did the baptism. So he was baptized on Saturday night. Elder Albert baptized him and confirmed him. He is a great guy and has a great family. One year from now i will be able to go to the temple with them when they get sealed for Eternity.
It was funny at the baptism because the ward mission leader gave one of the talks. The talk on baptism and the holy ghost. Im not sure if i've said much about the Ward Mission Leader but he is a great guy. and knows the scriptures way well and loves to talk deep doctrine. haha lets just say he went on for like 15 minutes talking about baptism and just went a really obscure route to talk about it and i was laughing like crazy in my head. haha he was talking about a lot of deep stuff and i was looking at the crowd and they were just a little confused and his wife looked like she was praying in her head that he would somehow link it back to something somewhat reasonable. 

When I was in Las Rosas i got close with the family Lopez. Its the guy with one arm. They were less active for years and we reactivated them. It turns out that the father was actually in a gang when he was younger and did a lot of bad stuff but obviously repented and got sealed in the temple. But anyways... this week some members let me know that he died this week. It turns out he committed suicide by taking some anti-bug pill for corn. So that was way sad and i'm sad for his family. He was a great guy and a great father.

This week we did divisions again. I went to Jardines with another guy. While on divisions we taught the Restoration 4 times and put someone on date for baptism. So that was cool. But also, when we were walking down the road, my convert Eluvia was there. So that was fun to talk to her for about 15 minutes. She says she trys to go to church every Sunday. She moved and now lives in a different part of the city but still goes to the Las Rosas ward. 

It was a pretty good week overall. Two more weeks till changes! 

Lovey you guys!! Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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