Grill skills for home!!

We couldn't visit the pregnant lady on Monday because she was still in the hosptial. But we ended up going on Friday night with the Bishop. It turned out to be quite the experience. She had wanted to talk to bishop to admit her sin and all that but she is sick so she is on bedrest for like 2 weeks. So she asked if we would bring the bishop to her. So on Friday night about 8:30pm we went over. We were expecting her to go into another room with the bishop because normally it should be a personal thing... but i guess she didn't mind. right when we sat down she admitted everything. Then she went on to talk about how her parents want her to give them her son (12 year old) because they don't think she can raise him right.... so she ended up balling a ton and it was just a little awkward for us as you can imagine. But what i learned from this experience is that it would be tough to be a Bishop. Because the whole time we were just sitting there watching but his duty is to actually help and give counsel and comfort... oh the stress and heart ache a bishop has. 

We have an investigator named Marvin. His wife and son got baptized maybe 4 weeks ago. He was supposed to come to church yesterday but wasn't able to because his kids were going crazy or something... But he is on date for the 9th of May. Same with the guy named Santos. On date for the 9th. Hopefully they will end up getting dunked. 

Just a reminder that in 3 weeks we will be skyping!! so get listos. Also, this Thursday i hit 9 months in the mission. Time going by quicker and quicker every day. 

You guys should check out the mormon video called Inviting all to come to christ. We watched it in our district meeting last week and it is really cool.

Love you guys! Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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