Birthday Week

Dear Mom,

I heard about the Seahawks and that sucks. I hear it from some Cowboys, 49ers, and Broncos fans in my Zone. 
You should fill your life with family history and indexing!! At some point in the next few months i will be sending a package home with a ton of corte. you can make blankets and all sorts of things with it. apparently it is cheap to send packages from here to there. and you can send packages most cheap through US mail. with the standard box that always costs the same and you can fill it with as much as you want.

My new companion is from Mesa Arizona. His name is Elder Haller. he has 17 months in the mission. It has been nice to have a white companion because i learn a lot more. my spanish is getting good. within a few weeks i think i will be basically fluent. With him, i have been speaking a ton more in the houses of members and nonmembers. it is awesome. i feel sort of like the senior companion because i am the one always in the lead and i know the area and the people so i am always the first one to talk.

My birthday was a good day. We had a meeting with all the 6 weekers and there was an amazing lunch. but then we had to hurry over to another lunch appointment in our area. the lady made me cheese cake and it was soo good. better than cheesecake factory. It got to the point where if i would have eaten one more bite, i would have blown. it would have been like an errupting volcano... 

On Friday, i baptized Eluvia Saqui choc. It was sick. i had to dunk her twice haha. that was funny because the water was freakin freezing. almost like the water in lake sammamish in December. The baptism was really great. we got a ton of people to show up. almost 25 people. there were 4 speakers at the baptism. during the interview for baptism, we asked her to sign her name but she said she couldn't. because she didn't know how to do it. so we had to prick her finger for blood and then take a thumb print.... hahah no we didn't. we didn't use blood.

Friday and Saturday were tough days. If there was something that could go wrong... it did. I think we walked 10 miles each day. just back and forth in our area over and over again... We were using the 1st counselors keys to fill and heat the font but then we realized that he didn't have a key to the heater... so we had to walk to the 2nd counselors house who happens to be neighbors with the 1st counselor. and they happen to live like 3 miles from the chapel and up and huge huge hill. Then we got back to the church and the heater was broken.... hahaha just stuff like that. But most appointments fell through and the people we thought were making food for the baptism didn't and we found out 30 minutes prior to the dunking... 

On Thursday, President Smith called at like 9:40pm... my heart raced because usually if he calls at all, someone is getting changed. but he just wanted to wish me a happy birthday. he said he wished he could have come to the baptism. next time.

Love you guys!!! Miss yall!!

Elder Corbett


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