New Companion


It was a good week this week. Although it felt like it never was going to end. Sometimes when you get a new comp time goes by forever because you have to get used to him and you miss your last one. I'm hoping this week goes by faster.

So my new comp's name is Elder Rivera from Mexico City. He is a cool kid. He has like 8 months in the mission. He works hard and he's a funny guy.

So on Wednesday we went with one of our investigators and taught a cool lesson and stuff. But the sickest part was that the wife said that she had a dream 2 nights before and it was Elder Kauil saying goodbye to her. She said she was way confused why she dreamed him saying goodbye but when she saw i had a new comp she laughed. It is just way funny here in Colo because literally everyone has these weird dreams... Most people's dreams are just weird things that have nothing to do with anything but they think it means something and they ask us to interprete it every time. I kid you not, probably like 8 times this last week we had to interprete dreams. And most these dreams are just rediculous so we end up being pretty creative in trying to tie them into the church. We always look at eachother when we are interpreting the dream with a grin on our faces because the people are just so clueless and think the dreams were pure revelation...
I was talking with my comp though and we decided that a lot of the dreams have significance. We decided that God speaks to his children in many ways based on their capacities and inteligence. Here the people are not inteligent and don't understand anything... So God has to speak through dreams to them so they can understand and being able to act. 

This week we are going to have 3 baptisms here. We are pretty pumped. Right now in the district there are 8 people on date and 5 of them are mine. So there is work to do to find more people to teach in a lot of the areas. But the district is actually way sick. All the elders are obedient and looking to work hard. Last week i had the first district meeting and it went well. The next two weeks we have zone meetings. Because next week we are going down to Xela for the temple. 

Love you guys!! Miss you a ton!!

Elder Corbett


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