Temple trip

This week we went to the temple. It was awesome to go and to feel the spirit inside and also to have a great experience as a zone. Afterwards, we went and had a zone meeting with President and his wife. It was a fun day. The zone right now is way sick. a lot of sick guys. Unfortunately, they are all going to different colleges but we will all stay in touch after. 

We were going to have a big mission conference with President Neilson tomorrow but they moved it to last Saturday and it was just a broadcast.... So let's just say that that was a little buz kill. But nonetheless pretty cool. He spoke for probably 40 minutes. He spoke on subjects that we should focus on while teaching our investigators and less actives. One thing I got out of it was when he was saying that he wasn't asking us to baptize everyone. He only asks that we bring everyone we can to prepare to enter the temple. He wants us to start working more with the less active members of the church. One thing he said that was way sick and gave  goosebumps was that he said that there are more men in the church without the Melchizedek priesthood than with it... and he said "The lord is not pleased with that". Here in Central America there are a lot of less active members and a lot of wives praying and pleading with their husbands to come back to church. And he said it is our job to go find the families so they can be sealed in the temple. He shared some really cool stories about visions he had and when people came to him in his dreams and said, "help us. we haven't been sealed to anyone..." So then he goes out and finds their family and gets them sealed. He has reactived a ton of people through these visions...Good stuff

I got all my pants hemmed. So they look and feel great now! Excited about that.

Today we went to a lookout place as a zone. Just barely got back. It was a long day but another sick day with the zone! I have been hanging with Elder Curtis a lot!!

Love you guys!! Miss you!

Elder Corbett


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