Carnival in Colo

That is super cool about Hill having a baby!! Little dissapointed that it wasn't a boy! But it will be cool!

This was a busy week! Meetings, teaching, traveling, baptisms, and more! This week we had the 3 baptisms that we had planned! Way fun. The women's name is Arceli and she has been what missionarys call an eternal investigator. She had been meeting with Elders and going to church for the past year and a half! But finally got dunked with her son!! The other kid was a son of a less active women. We hope to be baptizing her husband in the coming weeks but he has a drinking problem and can't seem to ever come to church because he is always selling meat on Sundays... But we hope that the energy and spirit that he felt from the baptism will knock some sense into his head!!

The week there was the New District Leaders meeting down in Xela. So we woke up early for that. It was a good meeting. This change there were just 4 of us being new DL. Elder Haderlie and another guy from my group and a latino. They spoke a lot in the meeting about leadership and being an example to others. It was a great meeting and the food was amazing. Being up here in Colo i feel like i never get good tasty meals. So it was nice to get some high quality chicken with mashed potatoes. 

This week was the Carnival/party here in Colo. So you will see a ton of photos of a 3 hour parade that they had here. It was pretty sick. It was just all the school kids dancing and playing instruments. I think Thursday night here they had a Catholic procession with statues of the virgen Mary... It was a little over the top. There was probably like 200 people in the procession and lighting off fireworks, singing/shouting, and carrying statues of Mary.

There is a ton to look forward to in the next week. This Thursday we are going to the Temple as a zone and then next Tuesday we have multi-mission conference. The mission Reu is coming up to Xela for a conference. It is going to be in Las Rosas so that will be fun to return to my birthplace. We suspect an Apostol will likely be coming because they are renting buses to bring us all down and are saying we have to look "super missionary"... no big backpacks, no dirty shoes, hair done, etc. Super excited for that!!

I love you guys!! Miss you!!

Elder Corbett

I've heard so much great this about Audrey... I hope she doesn't disapoint!!

That's fun that hill had a girl!! I have been thinking a lot about the plan of salvation lately because one of our investigators have doubts about getting married. Which makes me think about temples and the potencial their family has to be sealed and all! Especially because they lost a baby at a young age. So they could be sealed to her eand be a family forever!! One thing that always keeps me in a good mood and happy is knowing whatever happens, i've still got a family back home that is praying for me and happy! Just if everyone could know how much happier they could be if they focused more on their families and trying to make them stronger. 

Your birthday is coming up soon!! Birthday month has basically already started! What do you got on deck?? Anything good?

Love you dad!! Miss you and been thinking alot about hanging out and going out to eat!! You better start saving up now for when i come home because i have a hunch and a desire to be eating out almost every meal to eat at all my favorite restaurants again!! 

Elder Corbett


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