Prayer for Rain

Fun week this week! Elder Nordblad got the chicken pox so he was in all week! My comp and I did divisions with Nordblad twice each so that Nordblad's comp could go out and work instead of being trapped inside. It was fun to be with Nordblad those days and have some relax time. 

Yesterday there was a broadcast on President Russell M Neilson. It was way cool. It was technically for the youth and their parents but there wasn't anything going on because everyone went to the broadcast so we went to it. He spoke about the young women values. But the coolest part was this: So down here there is a bad draught. Not just here in Guatemala but in all Central America. It isn't raining and everyone makes a living off of crops so they really need rain. So Pres Neilson said that last Sunday, he was at a stake conference in Honduras and the stake president said if it doesn't start raining, the stake is going to be in a lot of trouble. Neilson said he prayed and spoke with God. That God told him to bless the Earth that it would rain here. So he did. He said he blessed all of Central America. And let me tell you, it has never rained more in one week than it did last week... President Neilson said yesterday during his talk (it was raining outside the chapel), "wow. its really raining out there. I have to admit that i am responsable for all this rain. I blessed this land with rain. so its raining." It was way cool and everyone got really pumped up when he said that.

Yesterday was a great day because a lot of our hardwork payed off. For missionaries, there aren't a whole ton of ways to measure your success or the change in the people. But one that is clear is Sunday attendence. A lot of times your investigators say all week, "ya! i'm going to church on sunday!!"... yet they don't show up. But some times, everything falls into place and everyone goes to church. That happened to us yesterday! We had all our investigators go to church!! Way sick. Also some less actives that we found and taught this week went! I was way pleased with that. 

I'm excited for dad's birthday tomorrow. I will be lighting off some fireworks in his name. I might even have to send someone down to buy the elders pizza to celebrate!!

Love you guys!! Miss you a ton!! 

Elder Corbett


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