Rally's on the Street

It has been a little slower week this week. This week there have been a lot of rallys on the streets and everything. Thursday the President of Guatemala resigned. He was caught stealing a ton of tax money and stuff. So everyone was pissed so they closed down all the major roads in the country by doing standing rallies. So everyone was happy when he resigned. And yesterday was election day here. So that was crazy. So we had to be in the house yesterday all day. Pretty exciting stuff..

Thursday we had a great district meeting. It was only half the district because all the roads were shut down so the other half of the district couldn't come. But it was awesome. The spirit was way strong. We focus the majority of our meetings on the investigators and talking about what problems they are having and we all share ideas of lessons and activities that could be done. I shared a little about finding new investigators and i felt like i needed to say that before this world, many people came up to us and asked us if we would find them here on this earth. That there are people in our areas waiting for us individually. Not waiting for missionaries. But waiting for Elder Nordblad and Elder Rivera, etc... It was cool. Then we went to eat hamburgers at a little restaurant.

This weekend we should have 2 baptisms. Two youth that are really sick. One of them really would like to serve a mission. He is a sick kid. We weren't able to visit him at all last week because he wasn't home much and his cell phone broke so we couldn't call or anything. and he lives far away. But this Sunday, to our surprise and delight, there he was in the church. He beat us there and he said he got there at 8am... way sick.
This week i am going to be doing divisions with 2 of the areas in the district. They are the farthest areas in the mission. Its 2 hours on bus from my area. So i will be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and come back Thursday. I'm excited to go. But i'm looking for a good solid week here in Colo because i feel like there is a lot of work to be done. And with all the crazy last week, a lot was left undone. 

Miss you guys!! Love you

Elder Corbett


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