It was a busy week this week because of all the divisions we did. On Tuesday after the District Meeting, I went to Santa Ana Huista with Elder McVey. He is a sick guy and will be someone i definitely hang out with a ton after the mission. It was a ton of fun. That area is really close to Mexico so the stores all go to Mexico to buy the food and supplies. So there are things that aren't for sell in the rest of the mission. For example, they sell the blue gatorade... I think i bought 9 of them.... scary good. They also sell some good Chocolate Milk just like Darigold's. 
On Wednesday I then went on divisions with Elder Chudleigh in San Antonio Huista. He is the Branch President there. It was way sick to be up there. These two areas are not part of a stake. They are both part of the Mission Quetzaltenango District. So they are small branches. But the members are way awesome. A lot of people have a ton of money in these two cities and the people are normal people. They don't speak any dialect or anything. Then on Thursday, i did divisions here in my area of Colotenango with Elder McLain (Zone Leader). We did the baptismal interview and then visited other investigators. 

On Saturday we had the baptism of a youth. His name is Jose Eduardo Perez Domingo. He is way sick. His family are all members but all way less active and don't really want to come back. But he wants to be active and possible serve a mission. He has come to church the past 3 weeks alone and come to activities too alone. So he is way sick. We were going to have another baptism but the guy wanted to move the date for the 26th of this month. So we will see how that goes. We haven't really been able to get with him too much this last week and he didn't come to church yesterday. So we don't know what is going on with the guy.

This week we finally got our Selfie Sticks that we ordered... And lets just say the mission has already changed. You will start to see a ton of photos because now its possible to take some sick action shots. 

Tomorrow is the Independence day here. Also changes. Changes are at 6 am in Xela... 3 hours away... Luckily we don't have changes. So i have another change here. likely these will be my last 6 weeks here. I love this area and am gonna miss the people and the geography when the next changes come. Half the district has changes so they will be making the journey... 

Love you guys!! Miss you

Elder Corbett


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