Pizza for All!

It was a pretty good week. We got some cool Elders in the district. This week we have a multizone conference on Thursday. We are going down to Huehue. It will be our zone and one other. So pretty small. just like 40 missionaries i suspect. Also on Wednesday night we have a stake meeting. It will be the stake president, President Smith, all missionaries, Bishops, and ward mission leaders. We will see how that goes... It is the first of its kind so we don't know what to expect.

This last week Elder Nordblad and I decided to buy pizza for the branch president of Ical and his family. Tuesdays are always 2x1 at Dominos so we bought 3 pizzas and got 3 free. So we had quite a banquet. It was delicious. I find that whenever i am hungry i desire to buy a huge pizza to quinch my hunger. It is just that pizza is so expensive here... But you got to enjoy yourself... am i right?? But it was a great night with that family. They are so humble. They have basically nothing but give their everything to the Work of the Lord and  being examples of the believers. 

This week also we started paying a sister in the ward to start cooking our lunches. It has made eating and life a lot more enjoyable to be eating good food. She usually will cook us some meat and some salad or something like that. 

I don't have much to write this week. But the district is doing really great. In the month of October we should be having 8 baptisms... Which is a lot for a district in a month. That would be really cool because the other areas here have been struggling a little bit. In the last few weeks we have all been working harder and making changes so that we can grow more. One of my favorite things that dad said a few times is the definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Most meetings i will share something that has to do with this. Because a lot of times in the mission but also in life, we want great things to happen. And we want our lives and outcomes to change. But we keep doing the same thing. But we won't be able to have different results if we don't change the way about it we go. There is a quote something like this- If you want to achieve things you've never achieved, do things you've never done... something like that... So if you aren't content with the results you are having in whatever thing in life, make changes and do things youv'e never done!! 

Love you guys!

Elder Corbett


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