First Week in New Area

View of the Temple from his Window

Hola Madre,
First full week in the field is marked tomorrow. its been a busy week thats for sure. My companion is Elder Amaya from Hondorus. He has been in the field for 17 months. i´m the second Elder he has trained. the first Greengo. My area is basically in Quetzaltenango (Xela). It is called Las Rosas. Thats the name of the ward as well. The ward is great. Probably about 200 members. The ward building is huge. its weird because every ward in the stake has its own building. and the stake geographically isnt big at all. The building is probably the size of ours in Seattle just with a different layout. Church is at 9am.
We had a baptism on Saturday for a 12 year old girl. her family had previously been baptized. i guess you could say i´m already at one... but i didn´t do much really. We are pretty busy in our area. We have a set of Sister missionaries also serving our area. They are both latinos. They are really nice but they are technically opening this area as the 2nd set so they are always asking my companion where to go and what to do. he has been in the area for 4 months now. which means after my 3 months of training are up, i will likely be staying for another transfer or two. but thats fine because its a good area. The zone is awesome. Elder Curtis is also in the zone. the zone has probably 5 white guys and a white sister and the rest are latino. they all have a lot of energy which is fun. we have district meeting tomorrow and we had zone conference last week.
the trip up from Guatemala City took like 5 or 6 hours. it was crazy long because the normal route was closed. it usually should only take like 4 hours. we got to the church in the mission around 1 and then ate some pizza had a quick debrief and went on our way to our areas. President Smith and his wife seem to be really cool. all the missonaries really like them.
My apartment is pretty nice. it is probably the size of our tv room in seattle. Its on the 3rd floor at the top of a hill. my favorite part of it is that there is a view of the temple. the temple is probably 6 miles away but you can see it a little and its nice everytime i walk by the window to take a gander.
Today is pday obviously. President Smith lets missionaries to go to the walmart in Xela once a month. and since last week was zone conference for everyone,everyone went today. so at walmart we ran into 3 different zones. it was fun seeing everyone and getting out and seeing the city. We went to Mcdonalds for lunch and it was amazing. they have a few different menu items and they are really good.
the people here are really nice. they are always looking to give you tea and bread. if i don´t have 5 or 6 glasses of tea everyday, its an off day.
lots of hills in my area. in my area, there is the main road of Xela so along the road there are alot of stores and stuff but then just right behind it we are into some farms and stuff. i´m sure on the LDS website you can look at my area because i cover the whole ward of Las Rosas.


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