Zone Conference

Things are looking up right now!! Last week at Multi-Zone Conference, President scheduled an interview with my comp for this morning at the mission home (which is literally huge and beautiful inside. in Sammamish it would cost 1-2 million dollars. it also has the same spirit as you feel in the temple which was just awesome.) But the interview went well. I then had a discussion with Pres and he was very pleased with me and gave some great advise and i think we will have a very good relationship in the coming 2 years. I look forward to it.

This last week we had a baptism of a boy named Angel. He is 11. and is just really bright and really spiritual. On Friday, we have a baptism for a 35 year old women named Eluvia. She is from Cobon which means she wears the Indian clothing. It will be cool for her baptism because i have taught her many lessons. We also this past week put another girl on date. her brother will probably also be baptized but he wanted to think about it more. 

This past week, we were walking to an appointment. We walked past a women crying on the phone and when we were about 15 paces past her, she called for us. She had just gotten off a bus from Huehue and needed to get on a different bus. but the other bus is like a mile away. so she was lost and it was dark and cold. As we were walking with her, we realized she was drunk because she kept tripping on herself. and we had to walk over 3 bridges over rivers without a guard rail. so i had to basically hold her up and stand between her and the river so she wouldn´t fall in. haha pretty fun to be helping people and be recognized by people as people who want to help. 

We have started to eat at members houses more. There is some serious great food. This one house we ate at, literally reminded me of Hawaii. There was bamboo everything. table, chairs, and everything else was bamboo. She had Mayan stone dolls everywhere. Probably 400 no joke. but she has a lot of money and cooked something very nice. We even had balsamic vinegar for bread and salad dressing. 

This week we have had a ton of torrential downpour. Like seriously harder than i have ever seen. It is sunny and hot until like 2pm and then it just pours like you´ve never seen. its crazy. i like the rain a lot more than the sun though. I also need to put more sunscreen on. 15 min in the sun and i have a tint of red everywhere. 

Friday we have the Temple and then a zone conference with President and interviews with him. Super pumped for the temple. This morning in our talks, he told me to pay special attention to the floors because there are Mayan drawings and inscriptions. Then Saturday obviously we have General Conference. Gonna be cool. I´m looking to buy a big USB drive to put a ton of conference videos on it. All missionaries have portable DVD players and there is a slot for USB. during lunch and breakfast i could crank out a conference talk or two. or listen before bed. 

Today after leaving Presidents House, we took a bus that took us through the heart of Xela. It was sick. A ton of one lane one way streets like Paris  and Rome have. It was crazy because we were on what used to be a school bus in Utah  and we were making super sharp turns and squeezing in between buildings literally inches from the bus. On the bus, there was really loud music and i kept wondering what is that breeze on my leg? i looked behind me and there was a freaking huge sub-woofer. 

My companion is always saying that his last companion was very funny and always cracking jokes. and always in my mind i´m thinking, ¨you don´t even know how funny i am¨haha. I can´t wait to be able to understand things enough that i can start making jokes about it. 

Also, i was going through the several hundred Liahona magazines in our apartment and ran across the face of Coleman Fuller and Sister Fuller. It was so funny.

Found another missionary in my zone with the last name of Corbett! He is from Utah. Small world!

Miss you and love you all!


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