Week 8...Independence Day

Dear Mom,
its been a good week this week!! alot to be done!! We have 3 investigators on date for the 4th of October. I don´t know how it will work because that is conference but we will see.

this week i found out some funny things about latinos. apparently, there are a few words that every single latino knows. you would never guess. i found it out during Zone Meeting and the zone leader kept saying it and other missionaries were saying it too. It is this, ¨What the frick¨haha. i love it. its fun to say and they know what it means. 

Today is independence day here. so this weekend most things have been closed and there are parades in the streets. Xela is very busy. Many many people from Guate come up here to celebrate. We´ve had to go home at 6 pm every night because it is dangerous.

Today we went up a mountain to a national park that has a huge slide and field with the zone. it was fun. some great elders and hermanas in the zone. we played capture the flag for probably 2 hours. We also went to the ward this morning at 7am and played basketball and soccer with some return missionaries and a few priests. Fun day. but everything is closed because of the holiday. for awhile it was looking like we weren´t going to be writing today. but luckily here i am.

i have been reading alot. i finish a full magazine of Liahona everyday. i finished D&C this past week and now i have started the New Testament and Book of Mormon again. I am also still reading the book of mormon in spanish and am currently in Alma in that. I also am reading Preach my Gospel with the comp and read a few conference talks everyday. One of my goals is to learn a freakin ton. I want to be the guy who knows a whole lot about the gospel. There was an elder in my district named Elder Jepson at the CCM and he knows everything. he will reference conference talks from like 20 years ago and will quote a ton of sriptures. i want to be that guy. and no better time to become that guy than here. 

This Wednesday we have Zone Conferene with the other zones here in Xela. That will be fun to see a ton of Elders and to hopefully see Elder Call. We go to the Temple OCtober 3rd. Thats going to be an awesome weekend with the TEmple and Conference. So pumped. 

I had to buy a new umbrella today because the one i was using was literal garbage. It was like low grade dog food that had been eaten than thrown up. One day last week i was on a bus and when i walked off the bus, my umbrella was in 2 pieces... 
also, i have learned this week never to put clothes or towels on the roof of our apartment to dry. I put my towel up there to dry in the sun and come back a few hours later and its gone. someone stole my dirty towel... haha. Luckily, i didn´t put my boots up on the roof to air out because they would have been gone too and i was about to... crazy. 

missing home!! i have decided i will be buying a Jeep Wrangler when i get back. it just feels right haha. 

Love you!! Peace

Elder Corbett
Dear Dad,
i´ll have to do lunch with the companion next week as it is past meal time here haha. thanks dad. btw, i bought an umbrella today. 

My companion is 21 from Hondorus. he has been a memeber his whole life but has been less active for the majority. his whole family is less active. he hopes to bring them back to activity once he goes home in 7 months. he will eat beans and rice for every meal. and he will eat a ton of it. 
I am serving in a ward. in the nicest and biggest building in probably the whole country. It is where Elder Cook of the 12 came in January. The ward is great. the bishop is amazing. and the stake president and 2nd counselor live in our ward. the 2nd counselors son is actually serving a mission in Fresno right now. 

The stake president of some random stake in Xela comes once a week and picks up our laundry to do it. we just pay 100 quetzales which is like 15 bucks. pretty cheap.

we visit a lot of less active members. yesterday, several less actives who we visited came to church. it was really rewarding and was an awesome sacrament meeting. I don´t believe we have ever contacted. we have a teaching pool of like 6 or 7... 3 on date. but we need much much more. when i am in charge of my companionship, we will be doing a lot of things different. 

the food is good. we eat breakfast and lunch normally at home. dinner comes by luck normally always the last house we go to at around 9 pm. i have been snacking on delicious cookies a lot. 

Love you dad!! like the sound of the bikes. with all the hiking i am doing i will be ready after the mission to do some serious summits. i have a very ambitious life goal as it comes to hiking and i think you and donald and eric if he wants could and should be apart of it.... 7 summits.. 
Love you dad!!


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