Lots of Hope

It was a good week. A new change always comes with new energies and a lot of hope. This week we started off really well. On Tuesday we found some really positive new investigators and families in a different part where we had never gone. The area is a little farther than we had gone before but thats fine. It's not that far. We found this one women who has 2 children. Her husband went to the states and now doesn't speak with her. She was way postive. She said she was gonna go to church yesterday but never showed up... that is what usually happens. But we have an appt with her tomorrow so we will see how that goes.

This Wednesday we went to a district meeting. It was a good meeting. It was the District leader's first meeting. One thing that really made me sad was that a sister missionary ran out after the meeting crying... I went after her with my comp to see what the problem was. She said she has been feeling a ton of stress and just a ton of pressure. She is a new missionary and is now training. She doesn't speak english perfectly yet. I tried to comfort her a little bit. Making sure that she knew that the Lord called her to train because he knew she could do it. We spoke for a few minutes and then she left pumped up to get to work. 

Well we had the stake conference yesterday. It was interesting because quite a bit of it was in K'iche. 

This last week i have been studying the institute book, 'history of the church'. I have learned a ton... I have read up to the Kirtland days. I love reading the book and look forward to it all day to be able to get back home to read a little more. 

I uploaded a bunch of photos. Love you guys

Elder Corbett


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