Rainy Season

Well you aren't in luck today! It was a really low key week. Not too much happened this week. Just now we got out of a meeting with the Stake President. We were talking about his vision for the stake and what we could do better as missionaries. We talked mostly about encouraging the members to get to work. Tomorrow we have an emergency leadership council. We don't know why we have it. But they asked us to come prepared with a vision for the zone. So we thought it best to talk with the stake president to have the same vision. So that was good.

Yesterday i gave a talk in church. I based it off of Elder Renlund's testimony in the October Conference as well as the phrase by President Monson, "Ver a los dem├ís como lo que puedan llegar a ser". They supposedly only gave me 5 minutes but i spoke for about 15 minutes. It was good. 

The rain has started. It has been raining every day here. It usually rains in the afternoon. Right now it is raining. We have lightening and thunder storms everyday. I love lightening and thunder so thats fine... But i think i enjoyed it more when i was cuddled up in a blanket watching tv with Chompers... It isn't so much fun when you have to walk in it... Often times just like in Colo, I long for a nice hot tub to be waiting for me at home... But we don't have one here.

This Saturday whould be fun. The stake is going to have an MTC activity for all the youth. There is gonna be a little conference fo them. Then they are gonna go out with us to work on divisions. So we will be visiting a lot of less actives and investigators this saturday with them. 

Pretty low key week. This week should be fun. Love you guys!! 

Elder Corbett


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