Working hard

It has been a fast week! Days go by so fast and before we know it, its pday. The new area is quite the fun. We do service everyday and the members and people are great. One thing that is fun here is that all the elders in the ward are sick and funny. We go over to this one members house basically every night for dinner. Dinner is usully just some tortillas and salsa but thats all they have. We play 3 up 3 down. We love our house. It is just so comfortable and really chill. 

Yesterday we went to our other ward. Patulup. It turned out that an area seventy, stake president, and temple president all came. I think they wanted to visit the most struggling ward. There were a little less than 100 people at the ward but probably only 5 priesthood holders. all women and children. We are going to start sleeping at the house over there 1 or 2 nights a week. President wants us to focus on the Nimsituj branch more, because they have a goal to make it a ward soon. 
In Patulup, after the 3 hour block, the stake president wanted to have another meeting. So we went, and it ended up being all the members of the ward  talking about how their farms are doing... and how they can make it through the drought here.. it was kind of weird.. we think he was trying to relate it to tithing but it was a really obcure connection. 

With all our free time at night, we do a lot of reading. I am about half way through Jesus the Christ. It is a fun read and i'm learning some good stuff. I also finished the BOM again this past week. and will start it again tonight. The mission is going to read it together in the next 3 months. It was the new years resolution for the mission. so i've just got 2 months now but no worries. 

We have a new rule on pdays... there aren't any...basically. President said that we can't meet with other missionaries on pdays anymore. no more meeting with the zone or going to do activites. all we can do is write, buy, and cut hair... we aren't allowed to leave our areas. only a few of us in the mission have permission because there isn't anything in our areas. but today we had to go down to Xela for some blankets from the mission office and we had some McDonalds :)

I think that one missionary who was here in the past must have handed out candy to all the kids everyday because all day everyday kids run up to us and yell "dulces dulces dulces. dame dulces!!" (candy candy candy. give me candy!). It is one of the most annoying things haha 

Miss you guys!! Love you!!!

Elder Corbett


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