what is up motha!

glad to see you got the package! More glad that the Hawks are in the superbowl again! I can imagine the streets and all the energy in the city and i am a bit jealous!! hopefully in like 2 years they are equally as good. 

We didn't feel the earthquake. it was probably during the day and we were out walking. so we didn't feel anything. but now it makes sense. Because for some reason, on one of the days, we lost all power in our house. only the chapel lost power. all the houses around the chapel still had power but we had nothing. it was sooo dark. we had candle light to guide us in the house. It was out for like 2 days. we called the church to send some guys to fix it and they said something broke or something. Maybe there was a power surge or some system to turn off power when there is an earthquake.

We have some good investigators. Named Manuel and Jorge. they are brothers. Manuel has 2 kids and a wife. Jorge nothing. but we were just visiting them and talking about faith and stuff and Manuel asked a ton about baptism and what age his kids could be baptized. they are above 8 years old so he was happy they can be baptized. they are positive, except Manuel and Jorge drink quite a bit apparently and they live in San Luis, which is like an hour and a half from the chapel. 

This week we got a call from the assistants saying President doesn't want us to cover Patulup anymore. Just focus on Nimsituj to make it a ward. We were relieved by that because it was a little hectic spending some days here and some there and switching houses. We had a branch mission meeting this last week to show our plans and excite the members into the work. but only 2 families came. but those 2 families left pumped so i guess we did our job there. 

That looks like a long walk!!

We are going to put on a movie night acitivty at the chapel. we will show the testaments and provide drink and popcorn. members need to bring a less active or a non member and we will provide all the food and drink! we are excited. it is going to be the 6th of february. We hope we have like 100+ people there. it would be awesome.

Looks like the basic 4 food group???  I think I didn't take him to the store with me enough!!!

This last Friday, i when over my bump and finished 6 months in the misison! Time goes by way fast! although it is just 6 months. Time here in the village goes by 3 times as fast as in the city. I love the mountains and i'll be waaay ready and fit if i were to be in the mountains the rest of my mission to fly over to Africa and do Kilamanjero with dad. piece of cake. 

Love you guys!!!

Elder Corbett


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